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poshstaging.com | 215.494.7815 | info@poshstaging.com
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What is ReDesign?


Also called One Day Decorating, ReDesign is perfect for budget conscious homeowners looking to do a décor facelift or to repurpose their favourite items. Either way, it is an excellent way for DIYers and professionals to employ fresh ideas to update the space while maintaining the same style.


Why we ReDesign:


At Poshstaging we are committed to doing all we can to reduce our footprint by repurposing what we use, and we love re-designing because clients are often thrilled when they discover new methods of using their existing furniture without sacrificing their style to update the space.


Advantages to ReDesigning your space:


  • Efficiency - If you are looking for immediate results with minimal disruption, One Day Decorating is a practical option.
  • Cost - Avoiding opening or taking down walls saves one from potential surprises that could lead to major loss of time and savings caused by issues such as unexptected orders or contractor delays.
  • Expediency - Updating and reusing what you already have gives your more control in the outcome. Knowing that you will still be able to enjoy your existing furniture you love, gives you comfort and ease of mind. So why not?
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