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Colour Decorating:


Our Decorating services are ideal for someone who has just moved into a new home, someone desiring a fresh start, or someone who is not quite ready for a major renovation. Unlike staging, the primary aim here is to personalize a space in order to suit the occupant's lifestyle and taste.


                                                                                         How we work


1. Consultation:

  • A consultation meeting of an hour or two is arranged to discuss your inspiration, wish-list, timeline, and budget.
  • We meet to evaluate your planned future usage of the space, colour inspiration, and other considerations.
  • During the meeting, we will also create a temporary space layout.
  • Once the these goals have been met, you will receive a proposal outlining specs of our working arrangement detailing services to be completed, working terms, and fees.


2. Concept development:

  • This stage will involve sourcing according to your budget and style.
  • After that, the overall scheme with paint samples, accessories, and other options will be presented to you.


3. Installation:

  • This phase entails placement of furniture, artwork, personal collections, and materials arrangended as planned.


4. Reveal:

  • A final step signaling work completion and a transition to a new enjoyment of an updated and envigorated space.

Styled in Electric Hues!

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