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poshstaging.com | 215.494.7815 | info@poshstaging.com
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Real Estate Staging is the process of preparing a home that is for sale by depersonilizineg it in or der to boost its position on the market. As the result of carefully scrutinized preparation techniques, potential buyers are able to imagine themselves living in it in the future.

Colour Decorating



Our Decorating services are ideal for someone who has just moved into a new home, someone desiring a fresh start, or someone who is not quite ready for a major renovation. Unlike staging, the primary aim here is to personalize a space in order to suit the occupant's lifestyle and taste.




Also called One Day Decorating, ReDesign is perfect for budget conscious homeowners looking to do a décor facelift or to repurpose their favourite items. Either way, it is an excellent way for DIYers and professionals to employ fresh ideas to update the space while maintaining the same style.

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